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Last updated on 01 November, 2023 by All Success Path

Purbanchal University Bachelor Level Scholarship Opportunity 2080 Apply

Purbanchal University, nestled in Biratnagar, Morang, through its Faculty of Science and Technology, extends a golden opportunity for aspiring students, heralding the commencement of the online application process for scholarships across diverse bachelor-level programs for the academic session 2080/081 (2023)

Bachelor-Level Programs 2080/081

  • A myriad of programs, ranging from Agriculture and biotechnology to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), are encompassed within this initiative. The scholarship allocation is methodically devised, catering to both Jehendar and reserved categories, each apportioned a 5% scholarship in AI educational programs.
  • Prospective candidates are invited to engage in a straightforward, online application process, ensuring adherence to the prescribed guidelines that encapsulate eligibility verification, accurate program selection, and meticulous attachment of pertinent documentation, followed by a seamless online payment procedure. For international qualifications, the inclusion of an equivalency certificate is mandated.
  • For an enriched understanding and seamless navigation through the application process, detailed information is conveniently accessible across various online platforms delineated by the university, ensuring applicants remain abreast with requisite insights and updates pertinent to the scholarship application
  • Applicants are encouraged to utilize this opportunity, aligning their educational aspirations with the esteemed offerings facilitated by Purbanchal University.

Programs Eligible for Scholarship

  • B. Sc. (Hons.) Ag.
  • B. Sc. Biotechnology
  • B. Tech. Biotechnology
  • B. Tech. in Food Technology
  • B. Tech in Dairy Technology
  • B. Sc. Forestry
  • BCA
  • BIT
  • B. Tech. in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Ensure you have the minimum educational qualification as set by the university. Choose Program: Select your preferred educational institution and program.

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarships offered for the academic session 2080/081 (year 2023).
  • 10% total scholarship in AI programs.
  • Distribution: 5% Jehendar and 5% reserved.

How to Apply?

  • Interested students can fill the online application form.


  • Attach educational qualification certificates.
  • Upload a scanned copy of a passport-sized photograph.
  • For qualifications from countries other than Nepal, an equivalency certificate is mandatory.
  • Payment: Complete the application by paying the prescribed fee online.

More Information

  • Detailed information is available on the Faculty Dean’s Websites:
  • https://pufost.edu.np
  • https://entrance.pufost.edu.np
  • https://entrance.puexam.edu.np


  • Entrance Examination Committee and Scholarship Selection Committee
  • Faculty of Science and Technology, Biratnagar